Question Intel hd2000 and windows 10

Feb 18, 2019
Hi everyone 😊
I am quite puzzled by this one...
I read everywhere that windows 10 doesn't support hd2000 iGPU from sandy Bridge CPUs. There's no driver for it.
Accordingly, if I install windows 10 on old iMacs with CPUs having hd2000 iGPU at some point windows update tries to update the driver and the computer crashes and is caught in a boot loop. I need to deactivate the iGPU in safe mode in order to circumvent this problem.

Now... What I don't understand is that if I install windows 10 on Dell computers having i5-2400 or i7-2600 (both sandy Bridge with hd2000) the iGPU seems to work just fine.
How is that possible?

Thank you very much in advance for your help
Well, personally I've installed Windows 10 on PCs with chips older than SB and seen it pick up working drivers. It doesn't seem the incompatibility is with that particular iGPU but with some other component. Possibly it doesn't get along with the switchable graphics pairing that iGPU with a dGPU in the mac, or something else more specific to that Mac.
Don't the Sandy Bridge iMacs have switchable HD 6750M/6770M/6970M GPUs? Whereas the Dells are actually using the IGP so Windows just pulls the latest WHQL drivers from WindowsUpdate, which were for Windows 8.

Switchable graphics often have issues on any PC when trying to use drivers they didn't originally come with.