Intel HD3000 GPU performance


May 17, 2009
Hi guys
I'm going to buy a pc but I'm not decided to purchase any GPU for now.
I want this pc for editing pictures, watching movies, capturing videos from my digital camera and gaming (games like PES 2011, starcraft... ) :D
- Does Intel HD3000 GPU fulfill my needs ?

CPU: Intel core i5 2500
M.B: GA-H61M-USB3-B3
RAM: Kingstone 2*4G 1333
Monitor: LG W2086T
It should do just fine for all the other things you list but it really isn't sufficient for gaming except at very low resolutions/settings. If you tell us your resolution, brand/model of power supply and budget we can recommend a card.


Jul 8, 2011
I would stick with the i5 to be honest. Really for the card I would recommend waiting and saving up a bit more until you can afford an GTX 460 or HD6850 if you want to be able to max out the settings on most current games and get good frame rates.
Well, at your resolution the HD5770 would be good. An HD6850 or GTX 460 would be very good and an HD6870 or GTX 560 would be great. With your budget the HD5770 may be the right way to go. You wont be able to max out setting on all the current and future games but you should be able to put them up quite high.


Nov 1, 2009
I have a 5750 and am extremely satisfied running at 1080p. I don't play uber-intense games on it, but I have yet to not be able to max something. Oblivion w/QTP3, Dirt2, Burnout Paradise all run great on it, and I doubt PES 2011 is a particularly graphics intensive game either.


Jun 8, 2011
I overclocked the HD 3000 graphics on my 2500K, forced DX9, and ran low settings on BFBC2 while I shopped for my GPU. It managed 60-ish fps @ 720p. Not ideal, but usable at least. Though when compared to 1080p + all the eye candy maxed I have was definitely hampering my play in multiplayer.

Keep in mind the resolutions used there are lower than your monitor's resolution.
Also I just noticed you listed your CPU in the initial post as the i5-2500. Unless you actually meant the i5-2500k then your CPU has HD2000 graphics rather than HD3000. The HD2000 is notably weaker.