Intel i3-8350K Ram memory limitation?

Dec 15, 2018
guys, I want to buy i3-8350K, but i heard this CPU has limitation on RAM memory upto 2400mhz, can anyone confirm this? If so, will overclock allow it to reach 3200mhz ?
The 8350k will only officially support up to 2400MHz RAM. Higher speeds are possible if you use a Z370 or Z390 board, then you can enable the XMP profile and it should work at 3200MHz, but that is considered an overclock.

Having said all that, if you really want an Intel chip, I'd suggest the i5 8400 over the 8350k. 4 cores and 4 threads is starting to become a limiting factor in a number of applications and games, and even if you overclock the 8350k to the moon, you still might not get great performance. Unless you're building for a very specific application that is entirely dependent on single core performance, then the 8350k isn't really worth getting at its current price, not when the 6 core i5 8400 isn't that much more and 6 core Ryzen chips could be had for the same price or less.

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