Intel i3 and youtube HD

The Core i3 is a great CPU and can easily handle YouTubes HD viedo up to 1080p.

A friend at work just bought a new laptop with the Core i3 330m and it has a HDMI out as do most H55 mobos that are made specifically for the Core i3.

Talks a bit about its ability to even run Blu-Ray without any problems using the IGP.

Thats a Core i3 based mobo using the H55 chipset. It can still handle the advanced Core i5 CPUs but was designed for Core i3. It has 3 outputs: VGA, DVI and HDMI. It also supports HDMI HD audio.

So in short, yes a Core i3 would handle YouTube and other HD videos easily.


Feb 11, 2007

Thank you, that helped a lot!

I would buy a i7 920 but they're expensive...still, i'm not sure which one to choose!

It really depends on the usage. If you plan on only HD video playback, the Core i3 would be fine. But if you plan on say gaming and some video/audio encoding, a Core i5/i7 system will be better since they have more real cores.

Here is a pricing list for example:

Core i3

CPU - Core i3 540 $139.99

Mobo - ASUS P7H55D-M EVO $124.99

RAM - Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 $109.99

Total: $374.97

Core i5

CPU - Core i5 750 $199.99

Mobo - ASUS P7P55D PRO $169.99

RAM - Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 $109.99

Total: $479.97

Core i7

CPU - Core i7 920 $288.99

Mobo - ASUS P6T SE LGA $204.99

RAM - Corsair XMS3 6GB DDR3 1600 $169.99

Total: $663.97

Now the Core i3 itself has a IGP built onto the CPU itself so it wont need a discrete GPU but the Core i5/i7 builds will. That I will leave up to you since it would depend on what you want. The Core i3 system can have a discrete GPU as well, it doe not need to use the IGP. I do prefer ASUS and Corsair if you can tell. You can swap them out for your prefered makers but try to go for 4GB DDR3 for the Core i3/i5 build and 6GB for the Core i7 build.

To rate them I would sya this:

Core i3 - Casual gamer, movie watcher

Core i5 - Enthusiast gamer, movie watcher casual video/audio maker

Core i7 Extreme gamer/audio video encoder

Either build is a great way to go and each one can be upgraded. The mobo for the Core i3 can support a Core i5/i7 (up to the Core i7 870 as they are LGA 1156 and the Core i7 920+ are LGA 1366) as can the Core i5 mobo I listed. The Core i7 920 mobo will have more CPUs too.


Feb 11, 2007

This is really great stuff! Thanks for the help. I made up my mind and i am going to pick a i5 750, as for the board i will get a P7P55D and i'll try to reach 4ghz with it.

Are those crossair good for overclocking?
Or are OCZ better ones?
And by the way, which graphic card would go better with this kind of setup? Counting that i will be able to get it up to 4ghz.
For memory, I have never had a fail with Corsair. Just to give an example, I have 4GB of Corsair DDR2 1066MHz. Its timmings were supposed to be 5-5-5-18 but I have it running at 4-4-4-12 and its stable.

So I suggest Corsair.

For the GPU, my suggestion is either a HD4890 or a HD5870. Whichever is better for budget. If you can, the HD5870 is a amazing GPU. Its DX11 capable and the fastest single GPU card out there.

If not the HD5850 but better than the HD4890, the HD5850 is a good way to go. I checked Newegg and the HD5870 is near $400 and the HD5850 is around $300. The HD4890 is about $200.