Intel i3 Processor compatibility.


Apr 10, 2012
So I was planning to buy an Intel CPU from amazon, if you want to know the exact model please click here.
Anyway, I am not sure that it is compatible with my Acer Motherboard.
I checked with CPU-Z and the model is Acer JV50TR.
It is a stock motherboard, I am not that kind of guy who changes any components when buy a computer...
anyway I wanted to know if it is compatible or if you could tell me other good compatible CPUs.
Best regards,


With what google is showing me Acer JV50TR is a laptop motherboard that supports AMD processors, so that I3 won't work for 2 reasons.

First it's an Intel processor, they aren't interchangable with AMD.

Second it's a desktop processor, you can't put a desktop processor in a laptop, they don't fit the socket and wouldn't have enough cooling in the laptop.


I have no idea what laptop processors go for, or what all would be compatible. You need to match the socket type, but Acer(or whoever made the computer) may have limited which models are supported by that motherboard. You could also face cooling issues if you get one with a higher TDP than your current processor, I'm not sure what you currently have. Your best bet is to probably contact the maker of your laptop to ask what would be compatible for upgrades.

Really all I know for sure if you need another mobile AMD processor.