Intel i5 2500k Vs. AMD FX-8120

Apr 15, 2012
Alright Guys, planning has begun on my new build and im trying to figure out which CPU to go with. These are my two choices (They fit in my budget) so preferably no other suggestions. The Computer will be used mostly for gaming. I dont want to start a flame war here, so I would like only real statistics, opinions can be thrown in if your also posting statistics. Thanks guys.


when it comes down to it the 2500k wins in core per core preformance and considering youll be mostly gaming thats what you need. Alot of games can only take advantage of 4 cores anything more is a waste and when only utilizing 4 you want the core per core prefomance to be the best. Plus with a stock cooler on a 2500k you can reach 4.2ghz easy. with the fx8120 you would need an aftermarket cooler, just something to consider