Intel i5 works on carmel motherboard


Sep 5, 2011
I want to upgrade from i3 to i5 2500k processor. In the recommendations the specs show i5XXX. Does that mean it can only be upgraded to 2500 not 2500k. The motherboard is a carmel board.
I am sorry I don't know what a Carmel board is. The 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors will work on our "6" series boards (boards that have H61, B65, Q65, Q67, H67, P67 and the Z68 chipsets). Now unless there is some limiting factor like an ITX board with limited cooler there isnt a reason why a 2nd generation Intel Core i5 couldnt release a 2nd generation Intel Core i3 processor.

Understand that the 1st generation Intel Core i3 processors will be using a socket 1156 which is not compatible with the 2nd generation Intel Core processors (socket 1155).

Christian Wood
Intel Enthusiast Team
The fact that it is saying that it can support an i5XXX (3 digit number) would cause me to believe that it is a first generation (LGA 1156) boards, and would not work with the second generation i5 (4 digit model number)

What i3 do you currently have installed in it?


Oct 15, 2011
Hi guys! (created an account to post on here lol) lenpoit, I'm not sure if I'm too late but the carmel (HP's naming system for the H61 chipset) should "in theory" work for you, unfortunately though it wont :-(

1) when you click go to hp's "carmel" mobo specs you'll find that the TDP only supports up to 65W whereas I believe the i5 2500K requires 95W

2) HP does this thing called "tattooing" the mobo which make it a complete hassle to remove (if you even can, i'm not sure.)

I bought an HP with a "carmel" mobo and it said that I could upgrade to an i52XXX series so i bought the i5 2400 however when I went to install it, a message would boot up saying "CPU Installed Not Supported, System Will Shut Down In A Few Seconds"

So I'm stuck with this processor until I start my own build :-(