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Question Intel i7-10875H vs AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU?


Dec 30, 2012
Hi. I am just thinking which one wins even if the Intel i7-10875H has 8 cores with no overclocking and AMD Ryzen 5 3600 has only 6 cores but overclocking feature and no built in graphics. In terms of single core, multi core and Intel Hyper Threading , VT-X VS AMD version of VT-X and Hyper threading which CPU has better gaming performance and would favor my gaming laptop more?

I already own a gaming laptop but i am thinking of buying a new one. I have 2 options. If you navigate to this link: https://www.cpu-monkey.com/en/compare_cpu-amd_ryzen_5_3600-927-vs-intel_core_i7_10875h-1330 it says that the CineBench R20 MultiCore performance for the AMD processor is 100 percent compared to intel's its only 97 percent which is only 3 percent lower. Does that make a huge difference on the scale. R15 Cinebench MultiCore is 100 percent on AMD and on intel only 99 percent so 1 percent difference.

What i mainly look at is the GEEK BENCH 5 64 bit SINGLE CORE - for AMD ryzen 5 3600 its 1183 (100%) and for Intel 10875H i7 its 0 Percent - WTF how can that be??? SO does that mean the i7 single core performance is bad than the AMD ryzen single core and i must use i7 cpu all cores in BIOS?

Also the intel one supports RAM speed below 3200MHz and i want ram specifically below 3200MHz and the AMD processor supports 3200MHz ram. So i selected 3200MHz ram. Can you tell me which cpu wins for gaming AAA performance.