Intel I7 4770k or Amd fx8350


Jul 5, 2012
Well, it depends on your gaming needs and what resolution, settings you're going to be playing at. Personally, I would go with the Fx 8350, as it is a lot cheaper and delivers around the same performance for games. You might notice at max 5-10 fps drop in games, but that really depends on your graphics card. However the i7 does have HT, but not many games really utilize that, so I guess that it isn't too important. I would recommend the i5 for gaming, if your budget allows it.

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it comes down to if you're budget limited or not.

If you have unlimited budget, intel is the best choice.

If you're playing with a sub $1000 budget AMD makes a lot more sense... because in the end a cheaper AMD cpu will let you get a better GPU, which will in turn make the AMD game better then the intel (because both cpus are close enough in performance to each other, that a better gpu will inevitably make the better gaming system)


May 25, 2014
so let's start from zero
1. ppl say that amd fx 8350 it's about intel i5 (even that i5 beats the crap out of 8350), i5 single core is better then fx 8350 single core, ok old games are faster on i5 than 8350,so an example in some old game i5 has better fps then fx 8350 let's say i5 150fps vs fx 8350 100fps, do you really need or will see that difference? So with both cpus the frame rate is more than enough. Well if we look to the future, i5 vs fx 8350, 4 vs 8 core, games will need more cores so who is faster? Ok i5 is faster in single core, but when it comes to more than 4 core you can overclock your i5 but it will be slower than a 8 core fx 8350. (for future proof i will chose fx 8350, and btw who cares about old games? :bounce: , i still can play old games at high fps with fx 8350 even if it has lower fps than i5 , 10-50 fps doesn't matter when you have over 100fps in old games :D )
2. ppl say that i5 and i7 are beter than fx 8350 even that i7 is a beast? :??: , where is the contradiction? "use your brain that's why you have it" :D now i can say that everybody who is saying that i7 is a beast over fx8350 is stupid?:heink: :??: why i'm saying this? Ok fx 8350 is near i5 in most games, well i7 is the same cpu with higher clock and HT, hmmmmmmmmmmmm higher clock in i7 then i5..... fx 8350 is near i5, games don't utilise more then 2-3 cores, ok in games i5 = i7 HT doesn't matter, not used in games and even if a games need more then 4 cores HT are not cores, fx 8350 is near i5, then why is i7 a beast? (for future proof i will chose fx 8350, i5 = i7 in games so fx 8350 still can keep up with i7 :D )
3. In the future games will require more cores, even more than 4 so i5 goes down the drain or will be very slow, i7 4 cores and HT? i don't think that games will benefit from HT in the future, fx 8350? 8 cores stays on the top and looks down (for future proof i will chose fx 8350)
4. When i look at price amd vs intel i choose amd.
If you look in the past and present is something like this i7 >i5>8350
If you look from today to the future it will be something like this 8350>i7>i5
I can play old games and present games with an fx 8350 at 50-100 fps i don't need an i5 or i7 just to have 20-50 more fps (if you still want more fps buy an i5/i7 you will see no difference with your eyes in gameplay over fx 8350, you will see the difference only in benchmarks and in your wallet)
And don't bullshit me with benchmarks and look at site A and B and youtube benchmarks i5 vs i7 vs fx 8350, i still will choose fx8350, 20-50 fps doesn't matter when you have over 100fps.
Look in the future when you have something which you can survive the present and will be much useful in the future, and for the future i see in gaming more than 4 cores ( in the beginning it was one "core" , now are 2-3 "cores" and don't tell me that in the future it will not be more the 4 "cores" for gaming)
(what i'm saying here refers only to games but i heard that in multi tasking stuff amd fx 8 cores is better then intel i7, can't say nothing about that, not tested out yet)
I'm not a AMD fan i like intel to my last cpu was an xeon x3430 overclocked from 2400mhz to 3800mhz on a asus 1156 mobo, now that was a beast 4 cores 7.9 index score in windows 7, but i will buy fx 8350 or 9370 because of the cores price and how i was saying in present games i don't need more frames if amd fx 8350 is more than enough for present games and is future proof for gameswhich will require more than 4 cores.
Ok ok ok enough 10x for listening :bounce: dot.

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