Intel i7 6850k + Asus x99 delux ll OC problem

Nov 28, 2018
I have a problem with oc my computer, i have a asus x99 delux 2 motherboard, and intel i7 6850k, memory G-skill f4-2666c15-8grr

the problem for ex. i put the xmp profile, in the bios the memory will be set to 2666mhz and cpu sync all core to 40, but wen i look in cpu-z core 0-4 is 3799 and the last core is on 3999.. so 5 core of 6 going at 3800, guess is the turbo but only 1 is on 4000... ok, back in bios i try to change to sync all core to 41 and change the cpu volt to 1.250 and restart.. back in cpu-z the volt is 1.250 but still are the core 0-4 3799mhz and core 5 3999mhz.. what can probely be wrong?

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