Question Intel i9-12900k temps and voltages ?

Nov 8, 2022
I have had my CPU for almost a month now and I can't find a way to bring its temps down.

Currently I am running a 5.0 P core and 3.8 E core , but my voltage is around 1.35 which is extremely high . I tried offsets and other things but nothing has worked, my CPU just won't use any less voltage . My goal is to fix that and bring the CPU to an overclock of 5.2 and 4.0 , but When i set those setting my voltage shot of close to 1.48 and the temp was extremely high , we are talking in the 80-90 just by openening any program .

I have reseated the CPU a few times but that hasn't helped . Just to mention I have a 240 AIO which I know its not enough but the fact is if I am able to bring down the voltage to a reasonable ammount I will be able to maintain good temps with this AIO . I am going to be bying a 360 mm soon so there is that.

Please I need some help with those voltages as the CPU voltage act very strangly as I had my CPU stock as well and the stock voltages I can manipulate down to 1.1 something almost 1.2 and still use Intel XTU to bring the P cores to 5.0 and E cores to 3.8 . But if i set those values in the bios my voltage cannot be brough lower than 1.33 otherwise my pc crashes when doing a Cinebench r23 stress test.