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Question Intel i9900K idling at 38 celsius???


Jul 27, 2017
So I recently dived into the AIO world. Bear with me, I'm very new to liquid cooling and OCing. I've heard that AIO is the way to go if you're new. I'm currently running this guy right here: Corsair AIO H150i Pro XT. Anyways, I've listened to several people's advice, but I'm still running at high temps according to the same people that gave me the supposed words of wisdom? I don't know if I've been given bad advice? I'm at my wit's end on where else to turn now. I've taken and attached a couple of screenshots from OCCT for reference. I'm not sure what's going on, but there are obvious moments when things are running pretty high.

View: https://i.imgur.com/I6r7MXw.png

View: https://i.imgur.com/RBRDRj2.png

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much!


How is the cooler installed ? Meaning where is the Radiator installed ? I would of went with the iCUE H150i Elite. I used that one on my 9900k with a over clock of 5.0. I would get insane low temps. 40c to low 60c all the time
On Balanced Power mode, with Speed Step enabled, the rig should idle down and fluctuate between 800-1200 MHz or so, with instantaneous bursts at assorted clock speeds on a few cores up to 5.0 GHz...

I'd expect 38C to be quite normal...

Run HWMonitor and CPU-Z/bench/stress CPU and see what the clock speeds and temps are after 10 minutes...(be sure to 'stop' the stress test when done...)