Intel Iris Xe vs Intel Iris Plus vs GTX 1650 vs Ryzen


Jul 16, 2018
I've been out of the laptop game for a while. I like 2-in-1s and will not take anything that has no touch and pen support. This limits me to a few lineup of laptops and expensive solutions.

To be honest I've never gamed on laptops because integrated graphics have been crap for so long. I have my main rig for that, but with what I hear from the little research I've done, integrated graphics have come a long way.

I heard new ryzen mobile chips are better than Intel's offerings but in a lot of the laptop lines I've looked at, very few seem to be offering AMD options.

Ideally I want a 2 in 1 with pen and touch support first, then a step above Intel UHD graphics for minum gaming on the go like with real time strategy games. Anyone got any idea on how big the differences among the mainstream mobile gaming chips are. I am not looking for a gaming laptop. Just something that can handle 1080p gaming at low to med resolution.

Also exclusively looking for above FHD screen resolution. 1080p after working on a 4K mobile monitor is no good anymore. The extra screen realestate is worth it even if its limited at 14 and 15"
Jan 20, 2022
I seem to be in the same boat, looking to go from a desktop to a 2-in-1 laptop so I'm not juggling something with a keyboard, a tablet and a drawing tab all at once.
You're right about the availability of AMD options, their processors seem to slightly out beat Intel's when researching more detailed specs. Not to mention the sticker shock on something with an Intel i7 H series or heaven forbid i9 is enough to make me cry and I can't even find anything with an i5 H series, which I was hoping was a good upgrade for perhaps a more reasonable price tag.
It seems unless you go strictly to gaming laptops, which completely leaves out any 2-in-1's your resolution is going to be moderate to lacking.
There seems to be a huge separation in functionality of laptops, either you can get a standard one, slightly heavy and bulky, no rotation, with excellent resolution, high processing speeds, huge memory for movie editing and gaming or you can get one with a touch screen, full 360 rotation and all it'll be able to handle is checking your emails, social media pages and chilling w/ Netflix.
I did see a post from just recently that suggested waiting just a few more months and there maybe a better selection of new laptop options and Windows 11 may have worked out their new software bugs.

If you find anything that meets all your needs, please let me know I'd love to check it out!