Intel is changing sockets ?


Dec 14, 2006
With the introduction of Core Nehalem Intel is planning to change their motherboard socket "Again" to a whole new one dubbed "LGA1366" and that's in less than a year frame . My question is : Is it logical to go and buy a X48 -when it gets out of course- or even a X38 and throw around 300 $ in the sea knowing that It won't last more than a year . A logical answer would be you won't have to because the Penyren core will be around for a couple of more years . The solution I came up with is that I will go with a socket AM2+ AMD mobo but again I found that AMD is not planing to adopt the DDR3 standard before a couple of years so the dilemma is still unsolved .

Actually I didn't mention why I wrote this introduction but I want to upgrade .That's because I only got a laptop with a Core 2 Duo 1.8 processor and a Geforce Go 7400 vga . And as I am a poor student that barely have money for food , I don't want to switch the whole rig each year , taking in consideration that my budget won't exceed the 600 $ mark that's also another thing to think about so I am pretty confused right now . If you're wondering what do I use it for ? , the usual 3D rendering and casual gaming .
I wouldn't buy an expensive board if you want nehalem when it arrives. If you need a socket 775 now, I would look at newegg's open box boards. Some go for around $40. Nothing is future proof. If your budget is tight, go for an end of cycle cpu/board instead of buying something brand new.
AMD is switching to a new socket soon too. leaving us AM2 adopters slightly flusterd.

Besides... LGA775 has been around FOR A REALLY LONG TIME. Its time for a new socket.

Im in the same boat as you... with an AM2 motherboard its really frustrating. Not to mention I have been living off of canned greenbeans and ramen for the past 2 years.

My next upgrade will come when the new intel socket is introduced.


Feb 21, 2006
Don't worry about the new Intel Socket.
Intel's current chips are great.
Intel will be releasing much better chips starting early next year.

OCing is your friend.

Get a

$95 - Gigabyte P35-DSL3
$85 - E2160
$60 - 2GB of DDR2-800 RAM
$80 - Nice HDD
$50 - OK Case
$75 - OK PSU
$120 - 1950pro
$565 + OS. (OS should be cheap as a student)

Those are very rough estimates.

ATI is supposed to be releasing a host of new GPUs very soon that will be price friendly. I think one of these may suit you better. We will need to wait an see.

The CPU above should OC to 3.2 Ghz easy and do all that you want.
Sales and careful shopping should also save money above what is shown.


Jun 13, 2006
The new socket is needed because the memory controller is on-chip, the memory bandwidth will be hugely faster. AMD still holds the fastest memory bandwidth performance and Intel is closing in fast.


Dec 14, 2006
well I just read that amd is releasing a new motherboard chips supporting it's AM2+ standard so I might be looking at those in addition to there line of graphics cards , Looking forward for the 19th of November "Fingers crossed "


Apr 16, 2007
Keep in mind that just because the socket is the same doesn't mean a new processor will be compatible with your motherboard. Remember P4 to Core2? Same socket, but the voltage regulators on those old P4 motherboards weren't compatible with Core2 processors (except the 975X boards).

In short, there will always be new processors that are incompatible with old motherboards, but that's no reason to sit around waiting while everyone else is rocking their Q6600s :)