Intel Launches Xeon E Processors for Workstations

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Yeah pretty much. Between performance gains or lack there of and much delay processes are exactly why I am sitting on my sandy bridge 6 core for a little while longer ;)


[quotemsg=21135616,0,1920539]Intel built the new processors with the same fundamental design as its Xeon Scalable processors.[/quotemsg]
Sorry, I'm not buying it. Just look at the specs. iGPU, no AVX-512, and compare the clock speeds and TDP numbers with desktop Coffee Lake.

[quotemsg=21135616,0,1920539]The Xeon E processors are similar to Intel’s Coffee Lake desktop models[/quotemsg]
Because they are Coffee Lake, but without support for ECC memory disabled.

[quotemsg=21135616,0,1920539]the Xeon E models feature a revamped [strike]architecture and support up to 40 PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes. Intel splits the lanes between 16 lanes connected directly to the processor, and an additional 24 lanes hang off the[/strike] C426 workstation-series chipset[/quotemsg] ...that supports an additional 24 lanes.


[quotemsg=21135616,0,1920539]The processors come with Intel’s Mesh Architecture[/quotemsg]
No, I think that slide was just tacked on to show noobs how cool they could be if they even went beyond the "new" E-series and stepped it up to W or some "precious metal" Xeons.
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