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Question Intel Matrix Storage Problems Rebuilding


Mar 31, 2016
I needed to rebuild an identical computer controlling a prison. Removed one of the drives. Array broken, Understood. Added a new drive. Went to Console and clicked on the button Rebuild the array. The array built with new drive.

Replace newly built drive with original drive. Array broken, Understood.

Go to console the old drive is Not part of the array. Rebuild button does not do anything. Re-formatted drive. Does not work.

Go to Console > View > Right click on port 0 > Reset Harddrive to Non Raid.

Nothing works to rebuild this array. Does anyone have some suggestions for me?


What kind of RAID controller are you using?
Generally, I would not expect what you tried to work: a drive removed from an array, and then the array rebuilt with a new drive to then run with the old removed drive. The rebuild does not place the data back on the specific drive in the same location on the drives.
"Identical arrays" are never really identical and drives cannot be swapped.