Intel Motherboard Help


Oct 6, 2011
Hey guys, i just picked up a 2500k but need a mobo to go along with it. I mainly use my computer for gaming and will probably over clock in the future. I was wondering what you thought of these two I've selected so far,

if you have any other suggestions by all means, let me know. I prefer it to have SLI capabilities and be in the 200 dollar price range or under, also which is better and why? P67 or Z68? Thanks for taking the time to read this and comment!


Oct 1, 2011
they are both going to be decent boards. i'd probably go with the z68 as it has quick sync and smart response if you are gonna take advantage of those. the z68 one you linked has a different spacing on the pci slots than most boards and is also shorter than normal atx boards on one side. just something to be aware of in some cases. i couldn't fit my second gpu on that one because my power supply was in the way, but that's only because i added an aftermarket gpu cooler that made it use up 3 slots. i had to get the extreme4 version of that board which was more expensive :(