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Welcome to the Tom's Hardware Intel Overclocking Club!


In order to be a part of the Intel Overclocking Club, you need to post your overclocking scores and you will be added to the list of the Intel OC Club.

There will be two lists of club members, one with a stable overclock and one that can be unstable(insane overclocking).

General Rules

■Only post overclocking related information, don't post your builds here.
Tom's Hardware, myself, Best of Media Group, or anyone else are not responsible for CPU, Mobo or component damage caused by overclocking. Proceed at your own risk!
■Must post in following format:

CPU Voltage:
CPU Bus Speed/Multiplier:
Clock Speed:

An example would be this:
Name: amuffin
CPU: i7-2600K
Motherboard: Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3
CPU Voltage: 1.4V
CPU Bus Speed/Multiplier: 100*48
Clock Speed: 4.8ghz
RAM: Patriot Sector 7 1333mhz DDR3 9-9-9-24-2T
Cooling: Watercooling Loop
OS:Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
CPU-Z Validation:
■Must have a screenshot. (Stability must include CPU-Z and a stress testing program, unstable/insane only needs CPU-Z screenshot/validation)

Stable OC rules

■Take a screenshot of CPU-Z next to a running stress testing program (EX: 10 runs of Intel Burn In on medium)
■Posts without a CPU-Z Validation next to a stress testing program to verify stability will not be added, but they will be added to the Unstable/Insane Overclocking section.

Unstable/Insane Overclocking Rule

■Must post a CPU-Z validation.

Remember, give as much information as you can, so we can identify and add you into the club.


Hi all! Here is a new way of submitting to the club! This makes our lives (Novuake and me) a lot easier!

Fill out this Google form here:

Stable OC Submissions

Fill out the form here:

Your name will appear here:

Your name will appear on the unverified section of the spreadsheet, but will be put into the verified section once we see a screenshot/proof.

Thank you all!

Lists will be updated every week with new users!

Stable OC
List of Members

Unstable/Insane OC
List of Members

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Tom's Hardware Intel Overclocking Club

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Jun 24, 2012
Name: DarkOutlaw
CPU: i5 2500k
Motherboard: ASRock z77 Extreme 4
CPU Voltage: Offset= -0.020v Fixed= 1.328v
CPU Bus Speed/Multiplier: 100*46
RAM: GSkill Ripjaw Series 1333mhz 9-9-9-24-Auto
Cooling: CM Hyper 212+ push/pull
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64



May 24, 2011
Heres my lowest possible voltage 4ghz 2500k OC.

Name: Max1s
CPU: i5 2500k
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V
CPU Voltage: 1.152V as reported in CPU-Z (-0.17v offset in BIOS)
CPU Bus Speed/Multiplier: 100/40
RAM: 2x2GB GSkill Ripjaws X 1600mhz CL6 (6/8/6/24)
Cooling: Sycthe Mugen 2 Rev. B (Push/Pull)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

How do I upload my screenshot? I don't see an option...

For upload the scheenshot, you have to use a third part application like or flickr
Name: DJDeCiBeL
CPU: i5 2500K
Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V LE
CPU Voltage: 1.328V (1.272V load) +0.020 Offset with LLC Disabled
CPU Bus Speed/Multiplier: 100x45
RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) G.Skill Ripjaws X 1600 9-9-9-24
Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (Push/Pull)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64




May 24, 2011

Oh on your first post you said LLC disabled.

Actually, you asked ME, lol, but I knew someone would ask eventually. My board only has LLC options for enabled/disabled/auto and enabled causes the voltage to be extremely high for some reason (that I seriously I have NO idea why) and auto doesn't seem to do anything at all. That's OK though, I can live with it as long as 1.272V is stable under load. The even more strange part of it is that I need 1.328V to be stable at basically idle.... If anyone can explain how that's possible, when 1.272V is stable under load, I'd love to know, lol.


May 24, 2011
Speaking of ASUS and LLC and high voltage...

I have the p8z68-v board (12 phase power :) ) and a 25k, and I used to run 4.5ghz at around 1.3vcore, not offset. I also used to use 100% LLC. Until one day I lowered my vcore from 1.3 to 1.29 and my cpu fried itself on restart. (Judging by the amount of heat coming out of my exhaust at that moment and the amount of heat that exhausted when running prime at about 63 degrees, I approximate the cpu temp at that moment was at least 150c. I kid you not.)
Needless to say my cpu was dead. Mobo was fine, PSU was fine, cpu was dead. Was it my fault? I'm a first time builder, this was my first time OC, but I personally believe it was the LLC that killed my cpu. I had been running these settings (PPL overvolt on, cpu spread spectrum on, LLC 100%, 1.3vcore, 4.5ghz) for weeks stable. Then I decided to go into BIOS, bring vcore down to 1.29 and all of the sudden sizzle sizzle.

I've researched to no end what put me out of 180 euro, and the only conclusion I can draw is that the LLC somehow overcompensated and fried my chip. Don't tell me my VRMs blew or anything (which I am just know learning could happen at 100% LLC) because I put a new 25k in later and my system worked fine.

Dont know the moral of the story. Buy gigabyte? (I dont like the posts that end in people saying "dont OC you moron." Of course you can tell I still do, I just don't know how long it will take me to feel comfortable at >4ghz again...)


Jun 24, 2012
Kinda odd...the chip should have safeguards to prevent it from getting that hot. You may have a bad board, but that is just a guess. CPU doesnt control voltage or heat.

So Prime95 runs are not accepted as stable overclocks?

Intel burn is only fully effective with a 64bit operating system, so anyone still running WinXP 32bit, WinVista 32bit, or Win7 32bit, will be excluded because Intel burn is not full stability assuredness, simply because it cannot fully test the memory.

I would say that anyone that can run at least 1 hr of Prime95s Blend Test should be allowed as a stable entry.


Welcome back Ryan.

You can do it with prime95 without problems, Intel burn test is just for example.

Wow, are starting to be "professional". Good one ;)

I did that after someone stole my Thermal Roundup and posted it at another website as their own work, Thankfully Chris Angelini got it resolved, now I even protect my charts check out the Cooling Fan Roundup in my sig.