intel pentium 7

Sure, why not.
I even have a picture of it for you.

With evidence this convincing, how could it not exist?

Also, Google.

Lol, what a beauty! Can you please send me one of an AMD chip that will fit in my AM2 board but kills the Cray supercomputer AND sells for a buck?

BTW, I support the TIE Fighter remake initiative 200%. Is there an official petition somewhere?
Sure thing :D

:kaola: :kaola: :kaola:

Unfortunately there is no official petition for remaking Tie Fighter (at least that I know of) :(
Defiantly needs to be though.
It is perhaps the best game ever released and deserves to be redone.
I just hope when/if LEC ever remakes it they stick to the original.
I would hate to see Tie Fighter: Episode I Edition.

I read a brief story a few days back about some of the original TF developers discussing the possibility of a remake. Nothing official though. Are there any good TIE Fighter mods available? I'm currently playing the excellent Wing Commander Saga mod for Freespace 2. Something similar for TF would be fantastic.