Intel Preps for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth With New Graphics Driver

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Sounds like Intel is trying to build a reputation for stable drivers, leading up to it's introduction of it's own GPU's. Considering they poached so many of AMD's lead guys, I expect Intel's GPU's to be somewhat similar to AMD's Vega offerings.


The web site won't accept "World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth" as a search term for drivers. It's only useful to allow you to pre-buy that game. If you try to DL drivers from that site, they want to install the "gameplay app" which presumably will push game purchase info to you. Better to get the drivers - if necessary - from the standard support sites.


Aug 15, 2007
Interesting, this Intel driver was optimized to play the game by making sure all resolution and effects at its lowest or turned off to make it playable.
The article link took me to the Intel site which allowed me to go to their software update page and the Intel driver link was right there. I even started to download it then cancelled since I don't use an Intel iGPU... most people with Intel drivers likely get auto updates via Microsoft Updates anyway.

Intel has been making driver updates for various games for a long time so I wouldn't read too much into this. It's not even 100% certain that GAMING cards from Intel will happen though all the rumors seem to indicate this to be so.

I think for gaming Intel is in a bad spot though. I certainly wouldn't want to be an early adopter because it's certain there will be a massive list of games that have problems or run very inefficiently at first (and some may never work well).

AMD also has their CPU + GPU architecture in the consoles and with Ryzen CPU + GCN GPU architectures being optimized for so too will game engines start optimizing for this.

*having said all that I really think a 3rd company would be great for competition
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