News Intel Promo Drops 9th Gen Coffee Lake CPU Pricing Up To 25 Percent

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Intel is trying really hard to stay relevant at this point but it's clear that they suck at consumer-friendly practices. A simple price promotion is not a hard thing to do and yet they've managed to screw it up royally.

It's really hard to get interested in a company that hasn't shown anything to inspire real excitement since the original Sandy Bridge and even that was priced through the roof.

Ryzen came out three years ago and AMD has been beating the tar out of Intel ever since. It's very telling that to get similar performance to any AMD CPU from the Intel side, you're STILL paying a good deal more, sometimes even three figures.

Intel's arrogance and inability to adjust to reality even after getting beaten pillar-to-post for three years is just astonishing.
Aug 22, 2020
What's your guys thoughts on this now? Prices have continued to drop, with the 9900k/10700k going sub 330$ on the right days a mere week after this article was posted. I nabbed one at the time, and they still seem like a nice deal with Zen 3 out of stock and other 10th gen not budging in price.

Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
... they still seem like a nice deal with Zen 3 out of stock and other 10th gen not budging in price.
Being the "man on the street" and with WFH on my kitchen table, I love shopping for deals. But I also was wondering how the new Rocket Lake CPU's will run on a Z490 board? Perhaps issues with getting actual mature versions of BIOS for Z490 with Rocket Lake and PCIe 4.0? Then very possible overall system performance degradation and fiddling with drivers for hours, etc. But those who would be planning to use a Z590 board with a Comet Lake processor would not get the benefit of PCI-E 4.0 and no HDMI 2.0. We are indeed living in a complicated and now impossible world.