Question Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (14) I219-V


Jun 19, 2018
First of all i wanna say Hello to anyone reading this.

Im having a huge struggle for past 3-4 hours trying to get internet on my pc to work.
In short:
I got my self new motherboard,CPU and ram
Current specs:
Asus prime b560 plus
I5 11400f
Amd rx 570 4gb
16gb 3200mhz kingston fury ram

driver in device manager called Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V has yellow sign on it and it cant work no matter what i do.
In properties it says The Device cannot start (code 10)
Yellow light next to ethernet port is sometimes blinking yellow or just stable yellow.
I installed drivers that came with motherboard of course.
I power flushed pc
Updated bios to newest version
Also reinstalled windows
I tried to uninstall reinstall,restart
Tried downloading zip file with newest network driver on other pc on mobos site but i cant seem to run the asus setup on my pc for some reason.
There are countless other things i tried but cant remember all of them at the moment.
I just cant seem to get it working any help is appriciated.
(Mobo is bought used)
Aug 1, 2022
Rolled back the driver and set the flag per this post

Now it works perfect. Issue is that it is hard set to send/receive @ 2.5Gb and does not play well on 1Gb network with that setting. Changing the setting forces default to 1Gb and works properly after. Tested on both 1Gb and 2.5Gb switches, works perfectly now!