Intel(R) g33/g31 express chipset upgrade

Static Friction

Apr 27, 2013
Like an idiot, I purchased an Optiplex 360. I have the processor to play a decent amount of games, but the video card is rubbish. Currently have a G33/G31 chipset onboard, but looking to do an upgrade. Mainly looking to play Starcraft 2 (which I can on ultra low settings) Diablo 3 and perhaps Mech warrior Online.. Want something decent, and not to extremely priced, but it has to be low profile. Any suggestions on what would do well?



Since you mentioned low profile, this is the best option you have - Sapphire 7750 low profile
Don't be fooled by manufacturer power supply requirements.
Also, don't be confused by other things as PCIE power requirements of 25 watt - this is 7750 card which Dell tested on many models including yours Optiplex 360 DT
Check under Compatibility tab:
This product is compatible with the following systems:
Optiplex 320 DT
Optiplex 320 MT
OptiPlex 330 DT
OptiPlex 330 MT
OptiPlex 360 DT
OptiPlex 380 DT
OptiPlex 380 MT
Optiplex 380 SFF
OptiPlex 390 DT

Above link was provided as a proof that 7750 can work on your system. Sapphire 7750 is the most often used card in low profile PCs.