Intel raising CPU Prices

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Feb 18, 2010
honestly with all of the r&d amd has put into bulldozer, them not owning all of their own fabs and just the plain die size of bulldozer. also how aggressive intel is being and amd not having the bank to play the predatory game that intel does. amd might not be even capable of lowering the price without taking a hit, and selling at a loss.

intel plays a mean game. they are the big boy on the block. its a common tactic in business to undercut the smaller guy, even at a loss. simply because you can handle the loss longer than they can. you disrupt their business or even ultimately shut it down.


Jul 6, 2011
I think they're clever. Since BF3 is selling so much hardware for Intel/Nvidia/Amd and every 2nd thread is my BF3 SETUP they seized the opportunity to make a quick buck. To add insult to injury 4 modules/8 threads is called 4 modules/8cores and does crap in uni threaded apps like games.
Dunno if it was clever, intentional or just a accident but the designers of BF3 made sure they made a game that makes every gamer throw his old rig in the water and do a complete overall.



The original release for BD was after Barcelona on 45nm. It got delayed to move to 32nm so yea, it was delayed way too long which allowed Intel time to move ahead as they would have.

We knew the original plan was for BD to compete with LGA 1156 and Nehalem. But now it has to compete with SB, SB-E and soon IB.



As in the other thread, you are mistaken. Sandy Bridge E does not have a IGP. Its just a CPU and is targeted towards extreme overclockers and entry level workstations/ servers.

Ivy Bridge will have a IGP and will be LGA 1155. The GPU part is not using CPU cores but dedicated EUs (Execution Units, a lot like Shader Pixels) and the top end will have 24 EUs, double what Sandy bridge has right now.
Intel isn't rising prices, the sellers are raising prices. Big difference.

Then again, thats supply/demand for you. Demand for SB is up [mainly because people are not buying BD], so it follows prices will rise as well.

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