News Intel Releases OSPRay 2.0 Ray Tracing Engine


API is "Open" but hardware support only comes from one source. Intel. Not that open.
Out of the box, yes. However, someone is doing a port for oneAPI apps to run atop CUDA, on Nvidia GPUs.

Intel did use a number of fairly substantial open building blocks, such as SYCL, in their oneAPI architecture. Compare that to Nvidia, who has a 100% proprietary stack (yes, they also support old versions of OpenCL, but that's on the side and none of their application libraries use it).


Intel described oneAPI rendering support for OSPRay. With their Xe graphics development boards out, we should eventually see an OSPRay version that is accelerated by GPUs, right?

Yes, could be related.

Intel released the Embree raytracing kernels back in the day that I think came out of the Knights Landing project, and that has turned into things like V-Ray (GPU 3D renderer), and Corona renderer (CPU).

AMD has been working Radeon Pro Render (GPU+CPU openCL renderer) for several years now ... I have long suspected that they are using the research here to help them develop GPU hardware raytracing systems. It seems likely Intel would possibly do the same - if you are working on one, you might as well consider the other for the best software / hardware homogeneity.