Question Intel RST - can't set SSD as cache

Nov 25, 2019
Hello! I am having issues with setting up my SSD as a cache for my HDD.

Up until recently I was using a setup of 60GB SSD + 2TB HDD. The SSD held my OS. Now I bought a new SSD which is 250GB for the OS and planned on using the 60GB one as a cache for my HDD, however the issue I'm having is that I can't seem to "accelerate" the HDD.

SSD 60GB -
SSD 250 GB -
HDD 2 TB -

The motherboard I have is
P8H67-M LE - with the following chipset
Intel H67 Express Chipset - That chipset is supported by RST, since its series 6? (I'm getting lost in this part).

Anyway. On my motherboard I have 4 SATA II (light blue) and 2 SATA III (gray) sockets.

Currently I have the 250 GB SDD and the HDD on SATA 3s and the 60GB on SATA 2 (according to their specs). As usual I made a fresh install of Windows 10 and set the bios in RAID (250GB SSD has OS, 60GB SSD is empty and the 2TB HDD has some data on it) - the RST driver/software is the latest from their site: (Setup RST)

Any advice would be appreciated...

I figured out that SRT is not supported by RST versions > 16.0, so I tried with versions below that one - still no success.
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Dec 1, 2019
I am in a similar boat. Using Intel Z390 with a 256GB + 1 TB NVMe drive.

Hoping to use the 256GB SSD as cache for my RAID 1 HD system. Intel RST "sees" all the stuff but as so many have encountered, accelerate option not available