Question Intel RST says SATA drives have disconnected ?


Nov 27, 2018
HI guys, My PC is disconnecting some of my SATA drives, A HDD and a SSD. I get a message through Intel rapid storage technology app saying they have disconnected. It seems to be out of nowhere, the only thing I can think of is I recently hooked up a USB external HDD with some media files on it but I've tried with it unhooked too with the same results. I restarted my PC to try to fix the issue but it was taking forever in the loading screen after post. so I checked BIOS but the only thing that looked weird in there was it was in CSM mode and I thought it was always in UEFI but I can't be a 100% sure of that, Do you guys have any ideas about fixing this issue and whatever may have caused it? Thanks.
It's a windows 10 machine with an MSI Z390-A PRO board and a i9-9900, one drive that is affected by this is a Seagate 4tb HDD and the other is a Samsung 2tb SSD