Intel RST Speed

Oct 22, 2018
Hey guys, I'm planning a mini-itx build for my wife who does photography. She is not very computer savvy so I want to set up a system that's as fast as possible and as easy to use as possible without breaking the bank on a 1tb SSD.

My idea is to set up a 64gb m.2 SSD in an Intel RST setup supporting a 2tb 7200rpm HDD where Windows is installed on the HDD. My thinking is that this will help give a speed boost without the hassle of having to move programs and files all the time between the SSD and the HDD. She will have additional HDDs but these will just be used for photo storage. Here are the additional planned specs:

MSI H110i Pro
i5 6600K
GTX 1060 3gb
16gb DDR4 RAM (may upgrade to 32gb down the road)

Have any of you guys used RST in conjunction with photoshop and has it made a significant difference in Windows boot & response time for you?


With something that small, I would get an Optane stick. But I think I would go to a 1TB SATA SSD like an MX500. They are running about $150. Use that for "current" work and then get USB3 externals to do backups and Archive. You are going to want an offsite backup capability anyway. Multiple USB3 drives provide that.