Review Intel SSD 670p M.2 NVMe SSD Review: Scaling QLC to New Heights

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In light of the Z590 being pretty darn imminent, you'd think Intel would have been releasing a PCI-e 4.0 drive about now....(vice merely catching up with the performance numbers of Samsung's 5 year old 950 Pro....)


The good is that it's improved QLC which is cool for entry level NVMe drives. The bad is that pricing that decidedly makes it not entry level. It costs more than the best PCI-e 3.0 drives and is QLC. There's no reason to get this drive when you can get [insert better performing TLC drive] for less. We'll have to let the dust settle and see where the actual market price ends up at. If it gets close to 660p pricing then it might be worth some consideration.


Sep 24, 2009
Has there ever been a QLC drive priced decently? I've never seen one. Even if there was I would not risk it.
I picked up the 665p 1tb for $90 3 months back as well.

Also second hand market from all the people upgrading their laptop and selling these, should be great.
Intel SSDs are quite ubiquitous. For instance my Ryzen 4700U HP laptop came with both an intel SSD 660p, as well as a wifi card AX200.

I think OEM will likely be 99% of the market for this drive. Glad Intel achieved more performance and endurance with the new controller. Also happy to see further innovation on the QLC front. REeally wonder who is going to achieve PLC first now.
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