Intel SSD 760p Performance Details Emerge

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The Intel SSD 760p 128GB that should sell for ~$90 (about the same as a Samsung 850 EVO 120GB) and will virtually wipe SATA off the map for our readers.
Intel launching competitive products at disruptive price points... are you sure? That does not sound like Intel!

Also, the 120GB 850 EVO pricing you quote ($90) isn't a smart buy at all - and hasn't been for ages. According to PCPartpicker price history, the 250GB has been available for no more than $100 from at least one major retailer for the last 6 months. Often (including right now) Newegg has it at or around the $90 mark. The 250GB 960 EVO (also NVMe) is generally available in the $120-135 price range and hasn't removed cheaper SATA drives from the market, so Intel would have to significantly undercut that to really shake things up. I hope I'm wrong, but if performance is as solid as it looks to be, I can't see this drive going for less than a 960 EVO nor making SATA drives irrelevant in the short to medium term. But come on Intel... prove me wrong!



Intel prices as needed to compete. The Core 2 Duo E6600 launched at $316 dollars and beat the then champion AMD FX-62 and was still cheaper than the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ ($403 at the time).

The difference is that if there is no competition they will sit at a more stagnant pricing.
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