Intel SSD fails to load win7 on HP G6 Laptop


Nov 2, 2011
I'm at a dead end. I updated the firmware of the SSD. Updated the bios of the HP laptop. Did a factory restore on the SSD which surprisingly installed without any sort of trouble. I have a feeling it has something to do with the controller but I don't know how to isolate that on a laptop.

The original 750 GB HDD works fine and the SSD works as a bootable OS drive in my custom tower.

If anyone is familiar with HP error codes the error on boot up says:

Hard Disk Error
Please run the Hard Disk Test in System Diagnostics
Hard Disk 1 (3F1)
F2 System Diagnostics
For more info: www.hp.come/go/techcenter/startup

I've been to that website and it tells me to run the HDD test which it then tells me the HDD test doesn't work to find the errors on a SSD, go figure right?

I'm at a lost I feel like at this point throw the laptop to my Mom who needs a new computer badder than I do and me myself for an early Christmas go and get a SSD preloaded in a laptop that already works.

Here's my laptop specs:

HP Pavilion G6 Notebook PC
Prod #: LV995UA
Bios ver: F.34
CPU: AMD Phen 2 P960 Quad
6GB ram
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel 320 SSD 120GB
(Original HDD 750 GB Hitachi)

If worst comes to worse I'll just throw the SSD in my tower and file server everything to my 2 TB NAS but I would like the SSD to work in the laptop more cause I plan on upgrading my tower anyway later next year.


Mar 20, 2012

I'm having the same problem with a new Intel 320. Did you ever find a sollution?


Nov 2, 2011
Never found any solution to this. I even took it to a friend who's a certified tech and he couldn't even do anything with the intel 320.

I did, however, when some SSDs went on sale over the holidays bought two drives and they worked wonderfully.

This one here:

And this one:

Both of those drives worked right out of the box just cloned the drive with acronis backup program and did a straight swap. It was even working on a tri boot windows7, ubuntu 11.04, and backtrack.

Right now though the rig is a little displaced and all did end well for this pc just see for yourself. If nothing else it'll give you a good laugh: