Intel Stands Behind Controversial Tests That Favored Its CPU Over AMD's


Mar 13, 2015
What were they using for a GPU? I get about 50 fps on heavy batches for Ashes with a 2700x and a GTX 1070 on high. And I think you meant dual channel memory for the 2700x.

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Oct 20, 2014
If you have to SAY that your company is "Principled", well, then, you might NOT be.

It might even just mean your principles are for-hire.


Jun 11, 2008
HardwareUnboxed is just trying to get views. If you actaully looked at the full test report pdf, the Intel systems were actually tested at 2666MHz ram speed vs. 2933MHz for Ryzen. The Wraith Prism cooler is what comes with the CPU. Are you saying that the Wraith Prism cooler is no good? Cause everyone says that it's the best AMD cooler. Are you saying that they should put a crappy cooler on the Intel system to hold it back? And finally testing CPUs at 1080p is the standard. No one tests CPUs at 4K.
I think what everyone is saying is this this review seems bought and paid for so nobody trusts the numbers. I certainly do not trust these numbers, sure they may be correct, but I will wait for impartial reviews.

I am glad TH is taking the high road on this versus Nvidia's RTX recommendations.


Mar 26, 2016
What was done at Principled Technologies was in a very scew manner first they didn't enable XMP profile , 2nd they intentional disabled 4 cores on the 2700x how is that a fairly equal test and then they upgrade the HSF used on the i9 but not do the same for the 2700x i wouldn't be surprised if they also held the fan speed to 50%.

This was released at a time of a NDA on all reviewer's site's. So by the time any testing was allowed the word would have already sent out as truth with no one to disput their claims. Very DIRTY Tatics by INTEL here



I looked the paper over and the info here is not 100% accurate. They did set XMP mode in the AI Overclocking but they also manually set the RAM speed for the Intel systems to 2666MHz.

I see the AMD game mode but I question why it would even be an option for that CPU if it only has 8 cores. I would think the software would see its a 2700X and leave it be. I think AMD should look into that as it seems like a slight flaw in the software to disable half the CPU cores on a mainstream system.

That said never use any tests as proof from the vendor. That's why I wait for TH, Anand etc to truly benchmark the systems. Until then this is all just fluff.

Although I am sure it will retain the game performance crown, especially since it still has a clock speed advantage, I don't think it will be massive. 1080p if the best resolution to test and make the CPU the bottleneck but once we hit 4K we will be more at the mercy of the GPU.


Oct 3, 2018
I can't believe this. That's really disappointing.

I was quite excited about the new Intel chips due to the cores and STIM. But man, they basically compared their i9 to an AMD chip crippled to Ryzen 5 1500x levels of performance. That's plain unethical.
Mar 9, 2018

On top of enabling game mode on the 2700x if you look at their procedure again you can see that they enable the DOCp profile on the threadripper build, but they fail to enable it on the 2700x build. Meaning the RAM was also running different timings. Running higher timings at 2933Mhz on memory can make the memory just as slow or slower than 2666Mhz with lower timings(XMP generally will have the tighter timings even if they lowered the frequency) very easily. Look into memory true latency. It's a double whammy to the 2700x. I find it funny that they knew how to exactly set up threadripper properly, but didn't know how to set up the 2700x properly? I agree AMD should just disable the "gaming mode" option for Ryzen chips, but this is a very poor showing from a "professional" company.


Oct 19, 2011
I'm still trying to figure out why Intel is comparing their $500 9900k CPU to AMD's $300 2700X. Yes, the $500 product should and does win, but it also should win by a wider margin than what's reported in these benchmarks. I'm honestly rather disappointed in the reported results.


Jun 27, 2015
In all honesty it looks more like incompetence than maliciousness. If they had actually known what they were doing they could have used identical settings that still strongly favored one CPU or the other. Still should've used the same cooler though.
Well history has shown that at 1080p (and lower) settings, Intel CPUs have been faster than AMD CPUs in the majority of games since the first generation of i-Core series CPUs. However, as resolutions go up, meaning more game demand is pushed on the GPU in performance, that gap has narrowed significantly since Ryzen 1, and at 4K it has all but been eliminated.

That's not new news of course to those who have been keeping up over the past two decades as gaming PC builders. Intel needs to shut up and drive after realizing AMD is now a serious threat. And as we move to 4K gaming, gaming graphics means more demand on GPU power than CPU power.


Gamer's Nexus posted a pretty scathing video about this situation as well and though it's long (30+ mins), it's worth watching just to see the depths to which this "testing" firm botched this test. The more telling thing is that Intel basically put their stamp on it as truthful and without any other validation. This stinks of subterfuge like the 28 core OC'd CPU on the industrial chiller to steal AMD's thunder when the 32 core Threadripper was released. That blew up in their faces quite spectacularly and this is looking like a repeat of that. The trust level of Intel is falling like a stone.

If they're trying to drive potential buyers to AMD, this is certainly the way to do it.
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Oct 25, 2017
Intel has better math. AMD does occasionally beat them on a few code runs. HOWEVER WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT IS DRIVER SUPPORT.

With intel you'll get the industry's best video, sound, network drivers and get them updated.

With amd - you won't get "full math drivers", most software can't use the "alternate math" it offers, drivers? mmm... better than non-USA brands but you just aren't going to find anyone as good as intel at "leveraging" (actually making accelerated use of) all the features - which requires drivers and software that usually hinges of "familiarity with drivers or feature sets".

Get amd if your gaming, running linux, desperate to save some money or just want to try :) Get intel if you want to keep your "sanity" when it comes to "everything running like a top". Yes Intel costs a little more for comparable models.

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It's a trap!

What planet are you from? Clearly its not earth as the jibberish you just wrote above is clearly incoherent of any actual thought or understanding of how any of this works.
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Oct 11, 2017
I don't mind the use of an aftermarket cooler on the Intel Chip while the Ryzen Chip uses the Wraith Cooler. The only no~no would be using water cooling on one but not the other. The Intel CPUs simply ship with an inadequate cooler if they ship with one at all while the Wraith Cooler is equivalent to many aftermarket coolers.