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Jul 14, 2011
I am changing from a shitty intel core 2 duo e4400 to an amd fx 8120. I already have the system and I can't boot into windows, I don't have a windows restore disk and I really don't want to waste another 100 dollars because windows can realize that ive changed cpus. Ive deleted the drivers for intel but there was one file i couldn't delete with intel in its name. I was wondering what else i might have to do to get my computer to boot.
OLD system
core duo e4400 2.0 ghz
2gb ram 333mhz
geforce gt 545
boot drive: 120gig ssd
other hdds: 160 gig seagate drive 500gb caviar green
NEW system
amd 8120 3.1 ghz
ram 8 gb 1600mhz
geforce gt 545
same boot drive and hdds
any tips?
You changed the motherboard for the amd cpu so with that you must also reinstall or fresh install of windows to get the system up and running. No way around it.
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