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Mar 18, 2019
hello, so i recently bought i5 8400 and since Counter strike:Global offensive can only benefit from 2 Cores, i enabled Intel turbo boost in bios, but since then i got 50+ fps increase, but my game became more choppy and stuttery, then i tried leave boost on auto mode it seemed less choppy but less fps, disabling it caused drastic fps drop but less to none choppyness and stuttering, my question is why is that happening? and what option should i choose? enable/auto/disabled? :) thanks in advance :) !!!
Btw: my video card is gtx 960
Reminds me of a video i saw. Someone disabled all but 1 core of a 9900k at 5.1ghz and sees higher fps than 8 cores at lower speed but high stutter. 8 threads at around 900mhz have lower fps and hugely less stutter and more stable framerates. A 9400f has fine single core performance and will get hundreds of fps in that game.
Leave all settings on auto. Csgo runs better on quad cores than dual cores btw.
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