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Question intel uhd graphics 630 with 1 hdmi on moboard. run a monitor off the hdmi and a plasma TV off a hdmi to USB-A 3.0 adapter


May 4, 2018
i have intel uhd graphics 630 with one hdmi port on the motherboard. Can I run a monitor and a plasma TV off the hdmi port and an hdmi to USB-A 3.0 adapter to a onboard USB 3.0 port to view both displays at the same time? One or the other connected from the computer by the hdmi port off the motherboard and one or the other connected from the computer by an onboard USB 3.0 port. I hope this makes sense to someone.
You can certainly use an HDMI splitter to get the same picture on both the monitor and the plasma.
An USB-A 3.0 to hdmi adapter will also work at least for lowish Hz.
But for the prize of a good adapter you should consider just getting the cheapest GPU you can, if you have a desktop,that will provide several outputs and you can still use the onboard one at the same time.