News Intel Unveils New Xeon Roadmap, E-Cores Coming to the Data Center


May 31, 2019
"Intel has a tough road ahead as it looks to regain the performance leadership position in the data center."

If the application is the CFD openFOAM benchmark, the SPR-HBM has an architectural advantage that provides 4x the memory bandwidth of Ice Lake Server. AMD 's Milan-X was shown executing at half the performance in the presentation.

So, looks like the road was not so tuff after all.

I haven't seen any announcement of in-package HBM stacks on the zen4 roadmap, so it's hard to imagine AMD catching up on the memory-bandwidth limited applications.

Intel also keeps moving the bar for AI processing, adding the AMX tiled matrix processing in SPR. The AMD products have yet to even add avx512, dlboost, bfloat16.
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