Question Intel USB driver version no working


May 25, 2020
Hey all,

Got a bit of a problem with my Precision Rack 7910.
About 12 months ago the USB ports would not work after rebooting. Restarting a few times seemed to have fixed that and as long as the system was running it was fine.

Now they won't work at all. No keyboard, mouse, flash drives, etc. No changes were made to the system.

I have managed to access the computer via remote desktop and the drivers are up to date (I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple versions), it says that the devices (USB controllers) are working correctly. But no USB inputs detected.

The ports are putting out voltage. Mouse optical light are lit but nothing on the keyboard. Flash drives light up but nothing happens.

Dell support scans find nothing wrong.

Any help would be great.

Cheers, Burke.