Question Intel VGA Driver unable to keep a stable Audio Over HDMI Connection. Driver Reinstall required at each Boot.

Jul 8, 2019
All Intel VGA Drivers since 2015 are unable to keep Audio Outputing over HDMI on an I5 3470.

Either the Intel HDMI Audio device is not listed under an Audio Output Devices at all, or it is listed as "Unplugged" while at the same time outputting Video over the HDMI cable.

Only uninstalling and reinstalling Intel Video Drivers will occasionally allow Audio over HDMi, but the connection will be lost during the same windows Session requiring reinstalling Intel Drivers.

So Intel expects me to Reinstall the Dirvers every time I Boot Windows?

Is this one of the famous Intel "Features" and not a Bug? Instead of fixing it in the driver Intel expects users to use an alternate way to get Audio output?

How come this essential feature has not been addressed in the Drivers for years depsite millions of posts addressing this issue? I tried dozens of Driver versions from the latest to drivers dating back to 2015. All show the same problem? This issue has not been adress for that long?

At the same time, a Nvidia GPU has no issues routing Audio over HDMI.

Why is it impossible to get Audio over HDMI with Intel devices?