Question Intel WiFi 6 AX200 Wireless Network Card on Thinkpad T440s

Make sure the card is on the parts list for the laptop, Lenovo/Dell/Hp and many others are sometimes restricting the compatibility in BIOS (so that you buy their own cards) and you may end up buying a card that will not work with the device just because Lenovo does not want it to...
There is no way to tell for sure. There is a massive amount of fake stuff coming out of china. They even fake brand name stuff.

Some works perfectly fine. It can even be produced at the same factory they are just avoiding paying license fees to things like patent owners. Others are complete trash built by companies trying to go a cheap as possible.

Even a lot of stuff sold on amazon and new egg third party sellers is this same stuff bulk imported and then sold out USA based warehouses.

I would spend the extra couple of dollars and buy from a company that makes it easy to return defective product.