Question Intel WIFI6 and Bluetooth antenna extension.


Apr 15, 2016
I have purchased a Mag Tomahawk X570 atx board (it isn’t here yet), the supplied WIFI/Bluetooth antenna are mounted directly to the boards rear IO.
As with our current (outgoing) computer, the antenna placement "might" be a problem for us because the computer sits in a corner under a large work table so there is the possibility the WIFI will be compromised by the obstacles between the transmitter and the computer. Our current setup has the WIFI antenna extended vertically about 1 meter which gives it line of sight to the transmitter.

Should we encounter issues with the new systems IO pannel antenna placement, is there a recommended - ideal antenna extension solution?
Not sure what you mean on your current card. The antenna connections on wifi stuff are standard so you could move your current antenna.
They sell remote antenna that have short cables and sit on top of your computer. Depends on how much you want to build your own. All you really need are some short wifi extension cables and you can move the antenna off the card any place. You just have to find some way to mount them. Saw someone who just taped them to the wall....I guess that works as long as the wife doesn't complain that it looks bad.