Intel Will Disclose DTS Specs At IDF

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Wow maybe they will be able to get software that can acurately measure the temps of the 45nm chips and not get stuck anymore. From what I have read the temps being stuck is because the software cannot read the DTS correctly.
Seems like all the users whining about temp monitoring is finally going to be addressed.

I suppose 8 mths isn't too late.

So far they have blamed the whole fiasco on the mobo manufactures ...

AMD can't get way with anything ... Intel can.
Wasn't DTS implemented before 45nm. I mean the original Core 2's @ 65nm have DTS. Also laptops CPU's had DTS before that. Hopefully this disclosure included the Tjunction for Allendale, Conroe, and Kentsfield (which is just two Conroe dies in one package).


Dec 29, 2007
I agree, this article is very confusing. Yes, Intel Core CPUs have had same way of measurment since at least Core 2 family of CPUs, since my E4400 has the same problem with measurment.

And now it's unclear if Intel will disclose ALL info, about ALL CPUs, or just new 45nm ones.. I'd like to FINALY know what is my CPU's temperature, really! So far I've relied on "don't go over 15C delta Tjunction under heavy load"..
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