intel x38 vs nforce 7 series


Aug 20, 2007
I've seen that that you people recommend alot the mobo's with the p35 chipset but i've seen to that most of the sites in there buyer's guide recomend most the nforce 680i (specialy EVGA ) even if you play with a single grap card.

So, x38 will be out in the next weeks and nforce 7 probably in 2 months.

So,at the moment intel >amd; nvidia> ati. ANd what about chipset's?INtel=nvidia?
The 650i/680i chipsets caught up with the 965/975 chipsets from Intel some time ago. I have not read recent benchmarks I must admit, but with Penryn soon to be released I would think the Intel P35 and especially the soon to be released x38 will take the performance lead at least for a while. Performance numbers for the x38 will be interesting.