Question Intel Xe graphics 1440p monitor not working with Windows 10 over HDMI ?

Jul 6, 2021
Last month I bought a ThinkPad X1 Yoga gen 6 with i7 1165G7 and so far I'm happy with that laptop.
But I have a problem with HDMI port on Windows 10 when I connect a 1440p monitor it's locked at 1080p max and I cannot select higher resolution.
Screens from Intel Graphics command center with 1440p monitor:
intel graphics command center 1440p monitor #1 => custom resolution to 2560x1440p isn't working either.
intel graphics command center 1440p monitor #2
intel graphics command center 1440p monitor #3 => here you can see that 1440p is in supported modes.
I have a latest Intel Iris Xe drivers (version: date of release 08.07.2021) and Windows is updated to 21H1.
I have tried older drivers but same result.
I tried DDU and clean install of graphics drivers but still the same issue.

It's not a problem with port it's HDMI 2.0b, nor with the HDMI cable.
Because when I use the same HDMI cable for connection to 4K TV it's working fine with 2160p and 60Hz so there is no problem with cable.
Samsung TV 4K #1 => no problem of selecting other resolutions
Samsung TV 4K #2 => still connected over HDMI with the same cable
Samsung TV 4K Windows settings

But what is really strange is that in Linux (tried Ubuntu, Kali) there is no problem of selecting 1440p and everything works flawlessly there with that 1440p monitor. 4K has no problem either on Linux.
Screenshot from linux display configuration that 1440p is working correctly

So obviously there is a problem with Windows. NOT with the hardware or a cable.

Thank you for advice and tips how to enable 1440p on Windows. I'm out of ideas.
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