Question Intel xeon e5-1660 v3 8 core 3.0 gigahz base 3.5 boost BUS speed shows up as 99.78mhz in cpu-z? Is there something wrong


May 2, 2010
So im new to using xeon chips and I have been building a video editing pc and have been checking my mods and specs to see how nice she's turning out. I got pcie nvme working on this dell t5810 but can't change ram speeds in bios or set xmp. I have a set of adata dual 4 gig kit bios says 1866 but windows says its running at 2666 MHz. Cpu-z says 1866 and that's where I found the bus speed showing 99.78mhz. Should I worry about this? The new memory chips are corsair 32gb quad channel kit at ddr4-2133. I'm not trying to over clock this system just make I beast for video. Any idea's Also I have been wondering on x99 xeon systems does the bios auto load xmp settings?
Most of times you cannot change on dell prebuilt the ram speed it will run on max supported.

As for the bus speed its depended from manufacturer to brand how are they set up, some are 100.01 some are lower. It should not bother you.
Cause giving bus speed over 101 could give you errors or corrupt your data.