Question Intel Xeon E5504: Can it be used for streaming?


Jan 21, 2008
I am planning out a system upgrade in the next few months, i currently run an old 7-8 yr old rig with intel 3570k w/ 2x 1080ti SLI's 16GB Ram as my personal gaming rig, but since adding the 1080ti's ive been obviously bottlenecked as i cant play a lot of games on higher settings or it pegs my CPU out to 99%, making it unplayable every few seconds when it hiccups... so i have been patiently waiting for the release of Zen 2 to upgrade my CPU/Motherboard...

My question is can an old Xeon E5504 do the transcoding if i was to stream my gaming to twitch/youtube/facebook? i have 10 of these from my crypto mining days that i bought as a pallet deal for like $50/ea to run riser cards and run GPUs for mining, but i sold all those GPUs off once mining became barely profitable anymore and still have these Dell T5500 servers in my garage. Im talking about as a streaming transcoding box, not to actually game on.

My intentions was to install the old 3570k cpu and ram into an ITX motherboard, because my personal rig is built in a Corsair 1000D on full watercooled and is designed to run 2 systems with itx motherboard on the bottom half and spot for sfx psu, but been shopping for itx motherboards for a few months now and boy they are pricey unless you buy an intel board and most of those require proprietary parts to run as they were in HP/Dell equipment... so im kinda getting discouraged on putting that system in my case, i really dont feel its worth spending $100+ on a LGA1155 itx motherboard...