Question Intel XTU power limit throttling ?

Sep 23, 2023
Hello, I have a brand new Acer Nitro 17 laptop (i7 13700hx, nvidia 4060) and although the CPU temperatures are low the power limit throttling(Intel XTU) is manifested in the following cases:

1) no programs are running(including antivirus program), the cpu temps are 40-45C, cpu utilization 0-2% and the power limit throttling is activated periodically(in every ~30 seconds), for a few seconds.

2) when I'm watching 2k vidoes in youtube(it is native display resoulution) the power litmit throttling is activated more often and for a longer time, and here the cpu temp and utilization are very low.

3) while gaming the power limit throttling has status 'YES' constantly and the current/edp throttling is also activated, but not as often, the cpu and gpu temps are around 65 C.

I haven't made any changes in BIOS, Intel XTU or other cpu settings programs. Could this be a serious problem?
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