News Intel's Core i9-13900KF Spotted Ahead of Official Release


Sep 24, 2009
Sounds like you have a lot more you want to share but you can't :)
While Jeges does not seem to be a journalist or analyst under NDA (non disclosure agreement) and therefore can share benchmark results, he did not share any solid performance numbers
With only a week until the official launch we don't have too long to wait for official benchmarks to appear.
Can we please get more indepth review on AV1 capability(Maybe add a handbrake AV1 encoder constant =2, use the nightly). It really is a nice feature, only wish the iGPU could also handle encode besides decode. My 12900k is running non-stop doing cpu encode. The a310 and a380 Arc can perform encode so confused why the 32eu iGPU only has decode capability, what is the difference in the hardware fixed function? Guessing encode and decode must be different pieces but would like to read a long form piece on this.