News Intel's First A370M Arc Laptops Are Selling for $1400 or Higher


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they will most likely get that price too in today's market
While it is true from a pure gaming perspective and, well, trying to be the biggest Devil in the World advocate's, maybe these laptops have something that kind of, kinda maybe, deserve that price tag even with under-performing, almost beta, GPU from Intel? Or it's probably trying to cater to early adopters or hardcore Intel fanbois?

I dunno... At a first glance, I can't disagree it's a bad value all around.



The Asus 2-in-1 is a decent price for anything in that class with discrete graphics. It's still higher than I think it should be, but that whole market seems to start around $1700 for 2-in-1s with any discrete.
I'd have to see the final units specs to see if the price seems reasonable.

For one example. If these will have Thunderbolt 4. How does the price compare to other similar performance gaming laptops with Thunderbolt 4? Whether you need it or not. Thunderbolt is generally a premium add on.

If your only criteria is GPU and CPU performance. Then it is likely going to be a bad deal. For a fair comparison you need a more like for like comparison. Such as weight, battery life, premium ports, screen quality, case durability, keyboard quality, &c.