News Intel's Raja Koduri Shrugs Off Rumors of Arc Demise

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Chung Leong

Dec 6, 2019
And the current A580-770 wouldn't? If Intel successfully launched those, they'd ruin the value of far more valuable AMD and Nvidia cards than a doubled-up A380 would at ~$200. The A580 as it currently exist is aimed somewhere between the RTX3050 and RTX3060 and may be as cheap as $200 too. With the RX6600 sometimes available as low as $220, Intel may have no choice but to low-ball the A580-770 lineup as well.

I certainly do not think products based on the DG2-512 die will be commercially successful. Still, Intel had to make it in order to enable software development. I mean, you can't do play-testing with games running at under 10 FPS.