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News Intel's Super Tall TS15A CPU Cooler Fits on LGA1200 Sockets

I'm surprised that they can actually sell 130W HSF for $26 (an ugly one at that).
Why? It's still a cheaply-built stock cooler with a little 80mm fan. It's possible to get a lower-end 120mm tower cooler for around the same price, that should cool as well or better while being far quieter. As a reminder, this cooler only achieves that level of performance by running its fan at up to 3850 RPM, around double the speed of most other coolers, making it rather noisy. And Intel's higher core-count offerings will still undoubtedly be thermal throttling on this thing.

Here's a video Linus did on this cooler a couple years back...

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPdpS_6ln-o

I was kind of wondering if Intel might update their stock coolers to better deal with the increased heat output of these higher core-count processors, but it looks like that probably won't be the case. Maybe they'll include somewhat larger ones with some of them, but these are still the same cheap Intel stock coolers that they've been using for a while, and that they've actually been cutting down over the years rather than improving.

Meanwhile, AMD has reinvented their coolers in recent years, and they not only cool better than Intel's offerings, but also look a lot better, with nice looking shrouds and even RGB lighting on some models. It's weird how Intel can't even spend a few cents on a plastic shroud and something to wrap the multicolored spaghetti wires with to at least make their coolers look a little more modern.

Edit: And, now I return after seeing the article a little further down showing that Intel does in fact appear to have improved their coolers a little this generation, at the very least making them look somewhat better. The coolers are still super-thin, or maybe even thinner than before, and I doubt cooling performance has improved much, but at least they appear to have restored the copper core and dressed them up with a black color scheme and braided cable to modernize their appearance a bit. They still look a bit janky compared to AMD's Wraith coolers, but at least they don't look like something straight out of the nineties now.
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Why? It's still a cheaply-built stock cooler with a little 80mm fan.
And THAT, is exactly why it's surprising they can sell these for 26 bucks. For another five to ten dollars, currently, and normally for as low as occasionally 19 dollars, you can get a variety of coolers with much better performance. So that's why it's surprising.

Considering most consumers are clueless, I guess it's really not surprising.